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Gisela Projects believes art needs to be experienced — dynamic interactions that can happen in many ways and places. Collaborating with a team of international artists, we create online, hybrid, and in person projects presenting new, exciting and more flexible opportunities for people to engage with contemporary art. 


Gisela Gueiros is a Brazilian art historian, art advisor and educator based in New York since 2007. She has since organized more than 30 independent art shows, and has collaborated with major Brazilian galleries such as Bergamin Gomide, Millan, Marilia Razuk, Casa Triangulo and Silvia Cintra. Her art tours of New York’s gallery districts and museums, as featured in the pages of Folha de São Paulo and Vogue Brasil, have become essential engagements for tourists and residents alike. In addition, she has been invited to curate shows featuring artists Alfredo Volpi, Elizabeth Jobim, Paulo Pasta, Dudi Maia Rosa, Chiara Banfi, among others. In 2020 she curated multiple exhibitions for the new virtual platform Preview — co-founded by curator and art historian Gabriel Perez-Barreiro. Gisela has worked for leading New York based galleries and collections, worked as an educator for the Guggenheim Museum and is a guide for Artful Jaunts.

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